Deprived sector lending is desirable and prioritized as per the national policy objectives of the Government of Nepal to empower socially and financially to the deprived people such as Mahila, Janjati, Dalit, Farmers and foreign workers etc. However, Such facilities should fall within the framework of credit risk assessment of the Company.


  • For financing Deprived Sector (Direct lending other than under Youth and Small Entrepreneurs)
Eligibility Low income and especially socially backward women, tribal people, dalit, blind, hearing impaired and differently able persons, marginalized community and small farmers, crafts-men, labour and landless squatters family. All micro-credits extended for the operation of self-employment oriented micro-enterprises for the upliftment of economic and social status of deprived sector up to the limit specified by Nepal Rastra Bank
  • Need-based Finance (As per NRB Stipulation).


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