We have started SFCL Debit Card service, Please contact Bank for further information

A Debit card is a plastic card which provides an alternative payment method to cash when making purchases. Its functionality is more similar to writing a cheque as the funds are withdrawn directly from either the bank account (often referred to as a cheque card), or from the remaining balance on the card. The use of debit cards has become wide-spread in many countries and has overtaken the cheque, and in some instances cash transactions by volume.

Samriddhi Finance offers a SCT UPI debit cards to suit your different transactional needs. These cards offer you convenience for your financial transactions like cash withdrawal, shopping and travel. These cards are widely accepted almost all ATM's of various banks here in Nepal as well as in India(UPI). The SFCL Debit Card allows customers to access their bank account around the clock.This very Debit card is not only meant for ATMs.The customer can pay through Debit card as well while gone for shopping.

Features offered by SFCL Debit Card:

  1. Cash withdrawal (Nepal and India through SCT-UPI Debit cards )

  2. Balance Enquiry

  3. PIN change

  4. Make utility payment through SCT moco.

  5. 4 years validity

  6. 24 hours 365 days banking

  7. EMV chip based card highly secured

  8. Can pay easily in different restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals etc through POS